We travel a lot to Hungary to visit our dear Nagymama and Erzsike.  We stay in our house in the vineyard, we call it Arany Haz.   The house is located on the hillside overlooking Lovas, on Lake Balaton.  We plan to add pages to highlight our visits through the years.  We have now posted a couple of years' travels.  Please look for them here.   2004.   2005.  2006.  2007. 
Welcome to the Karika family home page! 
This is our beautiful and talented daughter, Kathleen (a.k.a. Fish).  This picture was taken last year when she was a senior at Edgewood Jr/SR High School.
This is our fun, athletic son Billy hugging our Nagymama.  Nagymama is 93 in this photo.  We love having the opportunity to visit her and our aunt Erzsike in Hungary.
I have begun a family history to help record the rich heritage our children have inherited.  Go here to see what I have begun.  This effort needs your assistance, so please contribute freely!
On Decemebr 17, 2007, our hot water heater "disploaded."  Given the circumstance we decided to remodel our house (new flooring, new paint, new floor mouldings, new kitchen counters, new master bath, etc.)  Here are some pictures of our efforts finally coming to completion.
Hello Lacey!