Here are several pictures taken from around the living room, the dining room, the den and the kitchen.
Obviously, Byron likes the new rug!  You just missed him playing "Catch My Tail"!!!
Notice the carpet beneath the table below, it appears to look a lot like the Herend Queen Victoria pattern.
Here is one looking down the hall.
Here is a look at the new granite counter tops, matching the ones originally on the island and dry bar.  The new copper sink is matched with oil rubbed bronze fixtures (faucet and hot water dispenser).
We took the TV off the wall and will mount it on a rolling box allowing us to use the fireplace (on those rare cold evenings in Florida).  The TV will be about 6 inches higher than it appears here.
Finally, a nice picture of the family crest and our Herend Dancer vase.  The roses came from the garden - Queen Elizabeth and Don Juan.
The Nearly Completed Remodeling
We put the new "bird rug" in the living room.  The name will be obvious when you see it in person.  It is a beautiful addition to the room.
It seems Byron is always where I need to take a picture (meaning you never see Earl Grey).  Here is Byron enjoying a sunbeam in the Master Bedroom in its new layout.
And some better views of the Kitchen.
The tiger from Burma and Byron look a lot alike, don't you think?
The remaining Master Bath and Veranda show we still have quite a ways to completion.  How long will it take?  Well...
Here is our new Family Room rug.  It pulls the whole room together beautifully, and even has grapes on it.
(Byron likes to help Billy with his math homework.  He is a Math Cow.)
Here are some views of the birds on the Bird Rug.  We think they are very beautiful and add a lot to the rug.
The wall unit has finally arrived!  We are excited to have it installed and even more excited to see our beautiful things on display in it.  We will include a final picture of the unit once we get everything unloaded from the garage.  The unit is very tall, going all the way to the ceiling in the middle.  Craig layed the floor molding as to make it appear  a seamless built in piece of furniture.  I believe it worked perfectly.