Hungary Trip July 2005
This year we invited our first visitor to Hungary.  Our best friend Pat Soler flew to Frankfurt while we flew to Dusseldorf.  We picked her up and started our 2300 mile sojourn for the summer of 2005.  One of our first stops was Neuschwanstein, one of our favorite places to visit.
While arranging for everyone to go horseback riding at the Lovas Reiterhof, we ran into this little fellow.  Everyone took turns making him feel welcome.
This year we enjoyed our most favorite meals at Nagymama and Erzsike's flat.  I believe the meals taste so good because of the love cooked into every bite.  Being in Nagymama and Erzsike's appartment brings a flood of special memories.  And the smells!  From our first visit in 1970, each year brings memories to last a lifetime.